Hilton Head Weather

Hilton Head Island has one of the most idealic climates along the eastern seaboard. Our Summer average high temperatures arein the 90's and minimums are in the 70's. Rarely, high temperatures might hit 100 degrees or more. Humidity is usually high since we are surrounded by water.  Even on hot days, the beach is pleasant due to almost constant breezes.

Ocean water temperatures in the Summer range from a comfortable 80 degrees in June up to 85 degrees in August. On hot summer days we might get mid to late afternoon thunder showers, but these come and go quickly and seldom interupt portrait sessions.

In Spring and Fall, expect temperatures ranging from highs of 70 - 80 degrees and lows in the 50's.

Winter brings 50 - 60 degree highs and lows in the 30's and 40's.  It rarely freezes, even at night. Sweatshirts and jeans will suffice, but to walk the beach you may need a windbreaker

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